Cinnabon Website Review & Ratings + Cinnabon Coupons
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Cinnabon Website Review & Ratings + Cinnabon Coupons

Cinnabon: Products & Services

Cinnabon is a company that sells cinnamon sweets through its shops and bakeries.  The company's website at this time does not sell any products.  However, it has a number of uses.  A visitor to the site can find out all about the products carried in the bakeries including both drinks and pastries.

The website also has a list of products featuring Cinnabon ingrediants such as cereals that can be found at the grocery store.  Visitors can find recipes using Cinnabon products.  On the site there is also information about the company, a locater to find bakeries and information on the company's community involvement.  The products featured on the site look delicious if you like cinnamon pastries and flavoring.

Cinnabon: Company Background

In 1985, Rich and Greg Komen of Restaurants Unlimited in Seattle, WA set out to create a new bakery based around cinnamon pastries.  They brought in renowned chefs and imported the best cinnamon from Indonesia and created their recipe.  The first shop was opened in the Sea Tac Mall in 1984 just before the holidays.  Since then, the company has grown to over 500 bakeries with locations in other countries including Canada, Japan and Indonesia.  The company is now owned by Focus foods which also owns Seattle's Best Coffee.  The company moved its headquarters to Atlanta in 2005.  At the end of 2012, Cinnabon opened its 1,000 bakery in the state of Washington.

Cinnabon: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Since the Cinnabon website does not sell anything (!) there are no customer comments to be had.  Of course, I could include comments on the bakeries but that seems a bit pointless.  The website looks nice, but try as a viewer might, the site does not sell any merchandise at this time.  This is a first for me in several years of doing these reviews.

Cinnabon: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Cinnabon is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and does not have a rating by the BBB.  I can't find any rewards for the company, but Cinnabon has contributed $56,000 to the Hugs From Home charity that sends gifts to the miliary overseas.  The company also supports the Daisy Foundation, a charity that helps those with immune-deficiency disease and the National Multiple Schlerosis Foundation.  The company's preseident, Kat Cole was featured last year on CBS's Undercover Boss Television show with results that benefited both testing of new products, increased employee involvement and multicultural offerings at the shops.

Cinnabon: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows that is not a very popular website.  In the United States it ranks about 122,000.  In Canda, it ranks higher at 92,000.  The website has over 1200 sites that link into it.  The company has 72% of its viewers originating in the United States along with about 13 percent from Canada.  The site has about 5,000 viewers per day and most viewes are female, under 35, have some college education and view the site from home.  Google's Page Rank lists the site at 5/10.

Cinnabon: Social Media Presence

Cinnabon has a Facebook page with almost 1 million members.  The company updates the page daily and often adds specials for its customers to take advantage of.  There is a Twitter page with about 40,000 followers.  This page is also update daily by the company.  There are You Tube channels which have between 2 to 3,000 views.  Flickr has a page with about 88 pictures sent in by customers and staff during commuity projects.  Overall, Cinnabon is quite active in the social media.

Cinnabon: Website Security & Safety

Cinnabon does not collect any personal information during payment transactions because the site does not have any products that are sold over the internet.  The website does encourage visitors to participate in polls and surveys from time to time.  This information is stored by the company only to complete the purpose of the survey.  Most survey information is not stored by name.  The company does not sell any information to third parties.   Questions may be referred to customer service about this issue.

Cinnabon: Pricing & Packages

Prices at Cinnabon vary with the location.  I am going to use prices at local shops here in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live to do comparisons with other bakeries.  Most locations are not more expensive than this area.  Let's look at some comparisons of fresh baked goods:

  • Cinnabon Classic Roll:  $5
  • ShopRite Cinnamon Buns:  $1.95
  • Cloverhill Bakery:  4 for $6
  • Starbuck's Cinnamon Rolls:  $2.45
  • Denny's Cinnamon Buns:  $2.45
  • Carrows:  Cinnamon Buns:  $3.25

As you can see, Cinnabon charges a high price for their product.  Most people seem to think it is good; the bakery seems fairly busy on a regular basis.

Cinnabon: Shipping Rates & Policies

Cinnabon does not sell or ship any products to its viewers from its website.  All products are sold through their numerous bakery shops through the world.  Because of this, there are no fees for shipping involved with visiting the Cinnabon website.  Perhaps this will change in the future, but for now there is no shipping.

Cinnabon: Payment Methods Accepted

The company does not sell any products.  Thus, there are no payment methods accepted by the company through the website.  In Cinnabon's bakeries, payment is accepted by cash, debit card or credit card, usually Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.  Since some bakeries are franchised operations, payment acceptance may vary at some shops.  Alternative payment methods, money orders or checks are usually not accepted.

Cinnabon: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Cinnabon does not have a return or refund policy because it does not sell items over its website.  In the bakeries, items cannot be returned because they are food items; however, a customer may request a refund if the item does not live up to their expectations. Again, since some shops are franchised returns and refunds will vary with each shop.

Cinnabon: Product images & screenshots
Cinnabon Coupons
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